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About Us

          Welcome to 9 Whiskers Lounge, a sanctuary where the love for cats and community comes together under one roof. Founded by a veteran with a heart for both country and cats, our lounge is more than just a space; it’s a movement towards creating a world where every purr counts and every moment of relaxation is shared.


          At the core of our lounge are our resident mentor cats. These special felines, who have found their forever home with us, play a crucial role in guiding their adoptable peers. Through their wisdom and patience, they teach the art of socialization, helping our temporary residents overcome fears and embrace the warmth of human companionship. This unique approach not only prepares our adoptable cats for their future homes but also enriches the lives of everyone they meet.


          In partnership with local shelters, 9 Whiskers Lounge serves as a foster home and a stepping stone for cats on their journey to adoption. Our collaborative efforts aim to increase adoption rates and provide a loving interim home for our four-legged guests.


          But 9 Whiskers Lounge is more than just a haven for cats. It’s a vibrant community hub where cat enthusiasts can gather, learn, and celebrate the diverse world of felines. From educational sessions about different cat breeds and care tips to cozy events that bring people together, we’re dedicated to fostering a knowledgeable and passionate cat-loving community.


          Join us in celebrating the magic of cats and the joy of community. Whether you’re here to find your new best friend, expand your feline knowledge, or simply enjoy a peaceful moment surrounded by cats, 9 Whiskers Lounge is your destination. Together, let’s create a place where cats and people come together in harmony, one purr at a time.


Welcome to our family. Welcome to 9 Whiskers Lounge.

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