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  • All Visitors Must Sign a Release Form.

  • Minors (under 18) must have an adult sign a waiver on their behalf.

  • Do not bring any of your own animals to the lounge.  Individuals who bring their own animals will not be permitted to enter.

  • In the case of an emergency, please immediately alert staff for assistance.

  • Please take your shoes off and wear socks before entering the lounge.

  • Please sanitize your hands before entering the lounge area and before you leave.



  • Children aged 5 and over are welcome in the lounge.

  • Children aged 5-12 must be supervised by an adult.

  • One adult per two children is required.


  • There is a $15 per person per hour entry fee for access to the cat lounge. This fee contributes to the care of our cats, covering shelter, food, medical needs, treats, and toys, ensuring they have everything they need to thrive.


  • Please note that socks are required to enter the cat lounge. If you arrive without socks, we offer them at $5.00 per pair.


  • For those sensitive to cat dandruff or hair, we have face masks available for sale at $1.00 each, providing an extra layer of comfort during your visit.



  • Absolutely no running. Just like in a classroom.

  • Absolutely no yelling. Use library voice.

  • If a cat is hiding, let it hide.

  • If a cat is sleeping, let it sleep.

  • Do not pick up cats. You can ask an adult to place a cat on your lap if you would like to hold one.

  • Parents, please actively monitor your child(ren).



  • No screaming or yelling.

  • No running, jumping, or stomping.

  • No throwing any objects including toys.

  • No climbing on any part of the furniture or the cat wall.

  • No sitting on the tables. Stools are OK.

  • Do not use laser pens, play music, or use flash photography.

  • Keep the lounge door closed.

  • No food or drinks inside the cat lounge.



  • Do not hit or poke the cats.

  • Do not pull on any cat’s tail or any part of the cat’s body.

  • Do not pick up the cats or carry them.

  • Do not touch their stomach.

  • Do not chase the cats or get in their way.

  • Do not wake up the cat to play. Petting is OK.

  • Do not give any food or treats to the cats without staff permission.

  • Do not disturb cats if they are eating.


To ensure the safety of our cats as well as our human guests, we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the lounge at any time if the “Cat Lounge Rules” are not being followed, without expectation of a refund.

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